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DYU lets you use a large variety of search letters in order to search specific sites for content. In addition to smart searching, this page is smart in terms of being time-aware.

Based on your current time, one of two versions will be shown:
1) 8:00am to 6:59pm = light version
2) 7:00pm to 7:59am = dark version.

Your searches are not logged by DYU. You can view the source code yourself :)

If this is too simple for you, check out DuckDuckGo and their bang syntax.


Begin your search with one of the following letters, followed by a space, for smarter searching!
  • anime search (
  • current conditions (
  • download search (
  • ebay search (
  • image search (Google Images)
  • lookup an ip/domain (various)
  • map out a location (
  • news search (
  • play store (
  • reddit search (
  • stackoverflow search (
  • theatres search (
  • username search (
  • wiki search (
  • youtube video (
If no letter is entered, it will search the web with Startpage (why?).